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Award Keeper, LLC, Scrapbooking, Lincoln, NE

We recently discovered award keepers at the 2010 National Spwecial Olympics in Lincoln Nebraska.  our son had over 135 medals and over 65 ribbons.  We had search various places like Michaels, Scrap Bookings stores and no one had the 3-4 slot inserts.  We were able to set up our son with 4 books and arrrange all his awards.

Gus Martinez
Special Olympics

The quality of the sheet protectors and albums sold by Award Keeper surpasses any on the market


As a mother of a Graduating Senior, the Award Keeper helped me organize my son's school memories.  His ribbons, awards and certificates were all in one place.  Even his Cub Scout badges!  Awesome Product!  Thank You!


We had the drawer stuffed full of ribbons and medals!. We organized our daughters gymnastics awards from age 5-13 in just One album. Works great!


I am so excited to finally know what to do with all my daughter's gymnastic medals and ribbons.  No more putting the medals in ziploc bags and then trying to figure out later what to do with them!!  We can't wait to become more organized!  Thanks so much!  I'm telling all of my friends about this.

Bonnie - Ohio

The Award Keeper album is optimal for maintaining order with all of the awards swimmers receive.... GREAT NEW PRODUCT! 

  Tonni Napper,
  Swimming World Magazine