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Award Keeper, LLC, Scrapbooking, Lincoln, NE

How It works

Step 1: Place Award onto Backer Card

The Universal Backer Card works
for both Ribbons and Metals

Each Backer Card comes with a slit
to allow the neck strap to be fed to the back


FRONT BACK Universal Backer Card


Step 2: Insert Backer Card Into Award Protector Page


Each Award Protector Sheet has 4 columns.
Each column holds two backer cards or 8 awards per page.

  • Backer Cards slide in/out easily.
    We recommend inserting both cards together, back to back into each pocket.
  • Protector holes work for 3 ring albums and most post bound albums.
  • The Weight and Rigid material easily supports the Awards.

Watch a video on how the Awardkeeper system works:

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We recently discovered award keepers at the 2010 National Spwecial Olympics in Lincoln Nebraska.  our son had over 135 medals and over 65 ribbons.  We had search various places like Michaels, Scrap Bookings stores and no one had the 3-4 slot inserts....