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Award Keeper, LLC, Scrapbooking, Lincoln, NE

How It works

Step 1: Place Award onto Backer Card

The Universal Backer Card works
for both Ribbons and Metals

Each Backer Card comes with a slit
to allow the neck strap to be fed to the back


FRONT BACK Universal Backer Card


Step 2: Insert Backer Card Into Award Protector Page


Each Award Protector Sheet has 4 columns.
Each column holds two backer cards or 8 awards per page.

  • Backer Cards slide in/out easily.
    We recommend inserting both cards together, back to back into each pocket.
  • Protector holes work for 3 ring albums and most post bound albums.
  • The Weight and Rigid material easily supports the Awards.

Watch a video on how the Awardkeeper system works:

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The quality of the sheet protectors and albums sold by Award Keeper surpasses any on the market Dawn