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Award Keeper, LLC, Scrapbooking, Lincoln, NE

Virtual Fundraiser


How it works:

Choose Award Keeper - Contact us today to get set up with your online reference code and Promotional Materials.

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Web Links      (Award keeper logo .jpeg, with link available)

Collect the Funds
- At the end of the fundraising period, Typically 4 weeks, Award Keeper will send the organization a check for the dollars raised! 
The Organization will receive 15% of the product orders.

We respect your time and efforts. We will help you every step of the way with
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Fun Ideas

Upcoming Events

Bart & Nadia Sports & Health Festival

The Bart & Nadia

Sports & Health Festival

Cox Arena & Convention Center

Oklahoma City OK

Feb 15-17


We recently discovered award keepers at the 2010 National Spwecial Olympics in Lincoln Nebraska.  our son had over 135 medals and over 65 ribbons.  We had search various places like Michaels, Scrap Bookings stores and no one had the 3-4 slot inserts....