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Award Keeper, LLC, Scrapbooking, Lincoln, NE


Thank you for your interest in Fundraising with Award Keeper Products.
We have the following Options available:


Virtual Fundraiser:

Setup the fundraiser with Award Keeper
Tell your Friends and supporters to go online and place there order.
By referencing your organization name, 15% of the orders will go to the club
at the end of the fundraising time period.

Click here for complete program details!

Event Fundraiser:

Setup the fundraiser with Award Keeper
Using the promotional materials provided, take orders at your event.
Submit Orders to Award Keeper, retaining 15% of the product sales. 
Orders will ship directly to the customer.

Click here for complete program details!

Program Ads and Vendor Booths:

We are very interested in hearing about your event. In as many cases as possible we will  place an ad in your program. When the # of participants, time and location allow, we may be available to your event as a vendor with inventory. We are happy to donate a % of sales to the organization.

Contact us Today. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call  toll free 1-888-363-2314

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Upcoming Events

Bart & Nadia Sports & Health Festival

The Bart & Nadia

Sports & Health Festival

Cox Arena & Convention Center

Oklahoma City OK

Feb 15-17


We recently discovered award keepers at the 2010 National Spwecial Olympics in Lincoln Nebraska.  our son had over 135 medals and over 65 ribbons.  We had search various places like Michaels, Scrap Bookings stores and no one had the 3-4 slot inserts....